This is the newest artist book from Matej Sitar. It is a beautifully produced box set of 3 individual books which trace his road trip through America. It is an exercise in seeing and editing as each book attempts to tell the story of the trip but each in it’s own edit sequence. Several images, all Polaroid SX-70 are repeated through the different books, but most of the images (39 in total) appear in their own place with the captions remaining the same. It sounds a bit confusing, but imagine traveling across the states 3 times, but turning left in Wichita  your first time through, then right on your second trip, then simply rolling straight through on your third trip; you would make the same journey, more or less, on each trip, but the possibilities of who and what you will see are infinite. In other words, you can’t cross the same country twice.

One highlight is the laser cut typography on the box. Its pretty much impossible to photograph, but you can actually feel it and read it surprisingly well, a nice design aspect.

Matej Sitar – America, my way

Dimensions: 200 x 200 mm, Pages: 3 x 44 pages in a case
laser engraved cardboard
Text: James A. Reeves
Limited Edition of 461 books, 2012

25 Euro

It is published under the imprint of The Angry Bat, Matej’s own publishing house.

The Collectors Edition comes with 1 of the 39 original images and is thus limited to 39, obviously. 400 Euro

I  have the standard edition nr. 172 of 461 but the special edition box with the print is documented here

You can check out which images for the special edition are still available here.