“Herrenreise” is the second self-published ‘zine/book from the Vienna based photographer Thomas Bonfert. The first one, “Diary of a Field Worker” was also a small print run of 100 and is out of stock.

Where “Diary of a Field Worker” is a more conceptual design in its mimicking of a photo-album with the images mounted with photo-corners, Herrenreise is a classical ‘zine, 32 pages, stapled.

As with the Diary, this one also documents a journey, this time a bike ride of 3 friends from Breclav, CZ to Tatabanya, HU. along the Danube river.

Its the age-old synopsis, the river and the road as the metaphor of wandering and looking. Walking is a good speed for a photographer, but not if you actually want to get somewhere. To cover some distance, grab a bike, but stop alot to snoop around.

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