Michaela Moscouw

Bilder 1990-1992  – Catalogue, 1993

This is an exhibition catalogue from the Viennese artist Michaela Moscouw from a show she had in Fotohof in 1993. It is a beautifully designed, simple book that has the feel of a school notebook or a ledger you might have found in an accountants office in  the 60’s.

Michaela’s work is an on-going series of self-portraits exploring sexuality, feminism, and freudian psychology. Part performance art, part monumental photography, her large format black and white images don’t hide the scratches and the dust, but instead celebrate the medium and its roughness. 

This isn’t a special edition in any way, other than it has a real bibliophile quality to it and it may be rare someday.

Edition Galerie Fotohof, Salzburg / 1993
Exhibition catalogue 1993, text by Robert Riesinger
Format: 20x30cm
Pictures: approx. 24 duotone images
Pages: 40

price: USD 20,00

You can order them directly through Fotohof.