Trinidad Carillo

Naini and the Sea of Wolves – Limited edition book, 2008

This is the latest from one of my favorite publishers right now, Farewell Books.  This title from the Peruvian photographer Trinidad Carillo is a poetic fairy-tale with her daughter Naini as the main subject. 

With Carrillo’s daughter Naini as the story’s main character, the book describes a world of poetic reality, where dream and memory are intertwined. (Farewell)

As with most of the Farewell books, this one has very little text, but what there is, thankfully, not a description of the images, but a poem which adds another layer of its own.

The voice moves in the grass, picking up the light

you are kept in places beyond faces and gardens

You are kept like yes fits in no

You say: Building a cloud is all it takes in my world      

Sarah Hallström (excerpt)

This little book, only about 20×20 cm with 30 pages and 24 color images, is already nominated for the Swedish Photobook Award, and rightly so.

You can get them directly through Farewell, but I’ve seen that Photo-Eye has signed copies.  As with all of the titles at Farewell, they are quite limited and destined to become rare.

My 4-year old photo assistant is not included.