Philippe Gerlach

Youremyhome – Limited edition booklet, 2010

This is the second publication from Philippe Gerlach that I have in my collection. The first one being the beautiful book Gosia, and aren’t we lucky that Philippe is in love again…

I don’t know for sure that Philippe is in love with the mysterious Talin, but I’ve seen enough of his work to know that passion plays a role as important as light in his work. 23 b/w, mostly double images, seem random at first but are quite smart in their juxtaposition; surely a result of Philippe’s visual language being honed with the ‘zine aesthetic. Philippe has turned me on to several forms of art/punk ‘zines over the last years and this booklet shares the same feel.

It’s cupid in a mohak.

If you have and like Gosia, this one is a good companion. If you missed Gosia, and I’s sure they are sold-out, this one would be a good start for Philippe’s work.

It is published by the Paris based Kaugummi.

Edition of 150

There are more images here on a blog, and its also well worth a visit, but you will need some time. Here a few of the highlights.

3 photos, Philippe Gerlach. Youremyhome.