Henrik Malmström

On Borrowed Time – limited edition book, 2010

The Finnish photographer Henrik Malmström has sent me one of the strongest self-published book I have seen in a while. On Borrowed Time is a very moving documentation of his sister Maija who died of ovarian cancer in 2008. She was 28 years old.

Death, and especially the passing of young people, is still often seen as a taboo, because it hurts, because it isn’t natural, it shouldn’t happen. Henrik stares it down and, with his intimate, moving and sometimes even light-hearted images seems to underline what Jörn Donner says in his accompanying essay: “She passed away? No, she died”

Ironically, this book isn’t nearly as depressing as you first expect it to be. Yes, there are images of pain and suffering and angst which are sometimes hard to look at, but Henrik shows us the love and caring and trust that was present in the last months of his sister’s life. Henrik has taken a very personal, unimaginable experience and made a beautiful tribute to his sister and family.

This is an edition of 500 books, linen bound with 80 pages with text in english, Finnish and Swedish.

You can get the book here directly from Henrik.