the cash and a nice stack of checks

me, my folks and the team at Ironwood and the American Cancer Society

My dad and Dr. Ono, my dad is the one cuffing the cash behind his back.

Last week was the fun part of the Point Sublime project. My dad and mom and I went to the Ironwood Cancer and Research Center in Mesa to hand over the first of several installments from the funds raised so far. Specifically the money will go to the American Cancer SocietyCancer Resource Center at the Ironwood Center (Ironwood CRC)and the local American Cancer Society’s “Road to Recovery” program.

Like my dad said, it felt nice to go to this place in a good mood, with something nice happening, instead of always associating it with something bad. We were met by Melissa and Jill and Dr. Ono and given a tour of the place and it was all in all a touching afternoon, highlighted with the counting of a stack of money, the first installment of 4,200 dollars from the first 70 editions.

There are still checks rolling in and I am still receiving orders weekly, so it is certainly not over. Since returning home, I have seen that the orders have rounded the 100 mark of the edition of 200.

I can’t say thank you enough to everyone who has ordered a book and print.