This is a beautiful newsprint magazine from the Hamburg based photographer Yannik Willing. Before Tomorrow has been highlighted with several “best of” lists and rightly so. It is a travel journal of sorts from a trip he made in 2011 to Sri Lanka. Now that the 30 year long civil war has officially ended, a revitalized tourist industry is popping up in the country which has not been a popular tourist destination for decades. Here in his words:

…..In 2011, more than 850.000 tourists visited Sri Lanka -never before had so many tourists visited the country in one year. The government is aiming to achieve a number of 2.6 million tourists in the year of 2016 – in a few years, the tourist regions will change drastically. It struck me in these regions that the atmosphere was calm – but at the same time there was a sense of tenseness in the air. It was only on taking a closer look that the signs of imminent, unavoidable changes became apparent. Investors from Sri Lanka and abroad had already secured many land areas.  

It seemed to me that the barriers to structural change had just been opened. However, the consequences of that rapid change are still not clear, even today.

2012, self-published. It is a 60 page, rather large format magazine newsprint, unbound. The are in a limited edition of 300 which I think are sold out but a special edition with print is possibly on its way, I think it is just a matter of time. You can see them here on his site, where, or course, he has a better set of photos than I do.