This new book from Amy Stein and Stacy Arezou Mehrfar is the trade edition of their cooperation in New South Wales. I don’t have one but there is a “collectors” edition with print, I found all of the info here at DECODE.

This is a beautiful book resulting from a month-long road trip which Amy and Stacy did through Australia in 2010. There are no single image credits so its hard to say exactly which images are from who(m?) but that makes it even more in the true spirit of collaboration. All ages, genders and social layers are  brought together to give an unpretentious glimpse of what contemporary everyday life in Australia might look like. The title comes from the phenomenon, which I guess is frequent in Australia in which the ambitious and successful in society tend to get reduced to the common denominator. Amy lives in the US, Stacy in Australia, and it is an interesting exercise to figure out if there is a strong language difference between the native and the tourist. Photo-Eye has it as their book of the week, so you can see a book tease there as well.

8 x 9.75 inches
55 four-color plates
96 pages, hardcover